Culture Station Seoul 284

About Culture Station Seoul 284

Culture Station Seoul 284 restored the prototype of old Seoul Station, which was the main stage of Korean modern history in Korea and the gateway of traffic and exchange, and opened in 2011 as a Cultural Complex.

As a platform to create and interact with Culture · Art, various programs such as exhibitions, performances, and workshops are held. In 1900, it changed from Namdaemun Station to Gyeongseong Station and Seoul Station to become Culture Station Seoul 284. Meet 100 years of history against time.

Present Modern Sensibility to Gyeongseong Station, Seoul

Korea’s railroad history began with the Gyeongin Line. In 1900, the Gyeongin Line was extended to Namdaemun Station in Seoul, and the woodwork history at that time was called Namdaemun Station, which was the beginning of Gyeongseong Station and the beginning of history.

During the three-year construction period from 1922 to 1925, Renaissance architecture was newly built. The new history of the South Manchuria Railways Company has changed its name to Gyeongseong station.

With significant scale of the Gyongseong station, the European-style exotic appearance of red bricks, granite floors, artificial walls, and the Betula schmidtii Regel floor made headlines. In particular, the first Luncheon bar “Grill” on the second floor became so popular that it called the Luncheon bar itself a drawing.

histroy_about / Present Modern Sensibility to Gyeongseong Station, Seoul
Reborn as a Cultural Complex at a Railway Station

In 2004, the old station was closed, and the restoration project was carried out for two years from 2009 to 2011.

Based on the photographic data of the time of the construction of Gyungseong station, Inside the station 100 years ago was reproduced. Previously completed in 2011, the Seoul Station is currently used as the Culture Station Seoul 284. 284 is the historical number of the old Seoul Station, indicating the characteristics of Culture Station Seoul 284 combine the history with the art experience.

The Past, the Present, And the Future Coexist

Culture Station Seoul 284 is a historic space with a lot of time and a space that changes as it meets new art. You can enjoy the past, such as Renaissance ornaments, stained glass, and red bricks, as well as experimental and modern works. The singularity that the past, the present, and the future coexist is loved by many people because it shows different exhibits than the existing known art museum.

In addition to the exhibition, visit Culture Station Seoul 284 to see the 1925 Gyongseong station. Don’t miss the great opportunity to browse the old Seoul Station 100 years ago.

Culture Station Seoul 284 History
Exhibition Space
  • Address 04509 Culture Station Seoul284, Seoul Station(Headquarter)1, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Subway Line No.1, Line No.4, Airport Railroad, Gyeongui Line(Railroad) Seoul Station Exit 2
  • Bus Green Bus – 7011, 7017, 7019, 7021, 7022, 8000
    Blue Bus – 103, 163, 202, 405, 421, 500, 505, 506, 603, 702A, 702B
    Red Bus – 9401, 9701, 9703, 9709, 9713, 9714, 9716
  • Car Not available for parking space. Please use the parking lot near Seoul Station.